Beautiful design and great icons will help you attract visitors

قالب اقرأ December 29, 2022 February 13, 2023
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Description: The Iqraa template is characterized by its beautiful design, wonderful icons, and attractive colors that will help you build a great website and attra
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Beautiful design and great icons will help you attract visitors

This post is a demo text generated to demonstrate the properties and features of the Iqraa template. -info message-

/iqraa template has been carefully designed, as we have paid attention to details that many may overlook, and all our goal is to build a template with a wonderful and attractive design that helps you present your content better.

Easy to change colors in Iqraa template

Where the Iqraa template was designed in a way that makes it easy for you to change colors, as you can change almost all the colors of the template by changing only one color, to get a template in your own color, without having to change the colors of each section and part separately.

Different style of dark mode

We also tried in the Iqraa template to move away from the same style and theme for the dark mode, as we saw that most of the templates have the same color and style in the dark mode.

In Iqraa template, you will notice the difference in this matter. By choosing the main color, the dark mode color of your site will change accordingly, to fully match that color.

Thus, you will get an exclusive template for you, without there being much similarity between it and other users of the template.

Great icons and graphics

We have supported the template in all its sections and tools with wonderful and attractive icons, which add aesthetics to your site, without negatively affecting the speed of your site.

These graphics and icons will catch the attention of visitors, help you ensure they stay on the site for as long as possible, and push them to read more and more posts.

For More Details

And not only that, you can find out more details about the Iqraa template, its features and outstanding tools by visiting our Official Website.

Do not hesitate to contact us to submit complaints and suggestions that will help us develop the template.

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