A professional table of contents tool with multiple levels and styles

قالب اقرأ December 26, 2022 February 13, 2023
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Description: A professional tool is available in the Iqraa template to display different titles in several levels with the ability to fully control all the details
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A professional table of contents tool with multiple levels and styles

This post is a demo text generated to demonstrate the properties and features of the Iqraa template. -info message-

The table of contents is one of the main tools that must be available in the blog to facilitate reading for visitors, especially in long posts.

Also, the table of contents tool gives a professional and better feel to the site.

Multilevel table of contents

In the Read template, there is a distinct table of contents tool that displays the article titles beautifully and at several levels, as it automatically fetches most of the titles in the article without any manual intervention.

Tool title control

The table of contents statement that appears at the top of the tool can be easily controlled through the distinctive template control panel.

Table of contents in two different styles

In addition to all this, two different TOC styles are available, and the blog owner can easily choose between them through the powerful dashboard of the Iqraa template.

An open or closed table of contents

In addition to all these features, you can specify the default mode for the table of contents, whether you want it to remain open or closed when opening posts. 

Easily hide the table of contents

You can easily prevent the table of contents from appearing in a specific article by including a simple phrase at the bottom of the article.

For more details and information

This and many other features and tools that you can find and discover by yourself when using the Iqraa template.

To purchase the template or to find out more details and information about it, visit our Official Website.

Do not hesitate to contact us to submit complaints and suggestions, which will undoubtedly help us develop the template for the better.

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