Iqraa template | Blogger template helps you build a professional blog

قالب اقرأ December 20, 2022 February 13, 2023
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Description: Get your own copy of the Iqraa template, which is a modern and professional blogger template that suits you and your site
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Iqraa template | Blogger template helps you build a professional blog

Iqraa Template For Blogger

The Service: Iqraa Template For Blogger
Service price: only 5$
Service implementation period: 24 hour
About the service: Iqraa template is a professional template characterized by its modern appearance and attractive colors with of many professional tools, exclusive additions, and many other options.
Service purchase: You can obtain your own copy of the Iqra template through one of the following service platforms, through multiple payment methods provided by each of the platforms, and there is also the possibility of purchasing via direct payment via Paypal.
Buy from KhamsatBuy from KafiilBuy from QawallebBuy from Paypal

In the Iqraa template, in its second version, you can now display your services and products with ease through the distinctive service specifications box that you can find at the top.

Products and services posts will also be featured on the home page within the main blog posts, as well as within the popular posts and featured posts widget.

In addition to this, you can display a group of services and products together at the top of the template with ease, to appear modern and attractive.

Where posts about services and products are displayed on the home page with a display of the price of the service, an overview of the service, and a purchase button.

This data is automatically pulled from the table above without any intervention from you.

For more information and data, you can visit the official template page by clicking Here

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