A professional box to display the data of the post

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Description: The iqraa template includes a professional tool to display data and information related to the post in a professional way that attracts visitors.
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A professional box to display the data of the post

This post is a demo text generated to demonstrate the properties and features of the Iqraa template. -info message-

Iqraa template is a professional template designed for the Blogger platform, to help bloggers and ideas owners to build great blogs and websites, and be able to benefit from their blogs.

Post infobox

The Iqraa template for the Blogger platform contains a professional box that displays the information of the post in a beautiful and attractive way, in addition to a brief summary of it that is drawn from the description of the search that was written by the author.

The data displayed by the post info box

In the post infobox of the Iqraa template, the following data is displayed:

  1. Author name
  2. Publishing date
  3. Last updated date
  4. The expected time to read the post
  5. Post words count
  6. Post comments count
  7. Post description

The ability to fully control the post infobox

Of course, you can control displaying or hiding all of this information through the options provided by the template's powerful control panel.

Post infobox styles control

It is also possible to control the style of this post infobox, by making it detailed, displaying the title of each data next to it, or by making it short, displaying only the data, or by making it consistent, displaying the title of the data in the large screens, and only the data in the small screens.

Post description box

As we mentioned above, the post infobox displays a description of the article as well, to give an initial picture of the article and its content to the reader, which may encourage and motivate him to continue reading and stay as long as possible on the site.

It is possible to control the display or hide of this tool within the infobox with ease through the Iqra template control panel.

What distinguishes this tool is that it automatically withdraws the summary from the description of the search that is written when the article is published.

For more details and information

This information and details are just a few of what you can find in the Iqra template in terms of characteristics and features. To view more details about the template and its tools, you should visit ourOfficial Website

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